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Watch Paris Hilton Impersonate Britney Spears in New Video Feat. Birdman

Hear one note of Paris Hilton’s song, “High Off My Love” and you’ll think you’re listening to Britney Spears. Watch one second of Hilton’s video for the track and you’ll see Britney, bitch. It’s not magic. It’s a bored super rich heiress we’ve all come to know and irritably love who in between globetrotting the earth in hot pink six-inch stilettos managed to team up with Cash Money records and put out an album.

The four-minute clip, which premiered late Thursday night, is directed by Hannah Lux Davis and shows Hilton S&M style wearing patent trenches and heavy eye-liner against her signature bleach-blonde tresses. Hilton frolics on a cliche animal-print rug, attempts some light dance moves—it’s all a typical “I’m super sexy, look at me” visual. And who’s mad? Paris is filthy rich and she can make bad music is she wants.

Oh and look out for Lil’ Wayne’s sworn enemy, Cash Money boss Birdman to make a cameo.

Shockingly, I predict Hilton will get more wattage out of a music career than Kim Kardashian ever could. What ever happened to that Dream-collabo of hers anyway?

Watch Paris Hilton star as Britney Spears now!

Geneva S. Thomas

Geneva S. Thomas

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