Tattoos for Love: Christina Milian Makes it Official with Lil’ Wayne

Christina Milian has been mum on her relationship with Lil’ Wayne for months, but in a recent interview with ‘E!’, home of her reality series ‘Christina Milian Turned Up,’ the starlet made the couple’s relationship official to all and even showed off a new tattoo in honor of the Young Money rapper.

The tattoo reads “love hard…TnT.” Millian told ‘E!’, “You can make your special guesses…of what that means.”

Millian also posted a piece of lovely jewelry on Instagram made with similar wording. “TnT” refers to her and Wayne’s nicknames, Tina and Tunechi. She accompanied the post with the caption: Perfect. Thank you Bae. TnT #LoveonFleek

Tattoos for love have been polarizing and risky since well, the beginning of time. Relationships come and go and we’ve witnessed loads of former flames go through great lengths—and cash— to cover up tatts dedicated to former flames.

Recently Nick Canon covered his monumental tatt to former wife Mariah Carey on his back. And our fave rapper Nas famously tatted former wife Kelis to his arm and post-divorce, the hip hop mogul went through various sessions to have the design reworked into something non-Kelis.

What say you, girls? Would you get tatted in the name of love? Sound off!

Geneva S. Thomas

Geneva S. Thomas

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