You’ve seen her eccentric style in the fashion pages, on the Met Gala red carpet and on the arms of one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. But few people really know much about FKA Twigs. The British-Jamaican singer’s look is a mash-up of the cool hipster style of Lisa Bonet, the nose-ring melancholy of Tracy Chapman and a little Velvet Rope-era Janet Jackson meets TLC’s Chilli’s love for baby hair. Beyond those visual nuances of yesterday, the 27 year-old could be arguably labeled the most fascinating and avant garde presentation of a female popular artist since the 1999 premiere of Kelis‘ “Caught Out There” video.


And on her music? Twigs’ juxtaposes her soft, breathy falsettos over introspective glimpses into her life and fast-paced imagination with raw and slow-tempo EDM sonics on tracks like “Two Weeks” and “Pendulum”—from her debut album “LP1″ released in 2014—that can be played during those much-needed and ironic attempts at blocking out the city’s noise.

Twigs is odd, mysteriously talented and The Twilight Saga actor and fellow Brit, Robert Pattinson is lucky enough to call her fiancé.

We have 10 things you may not know about Twigs. Don’t miss the pop culture fleek and get to know this one right now!


1. Twigs is her childhood nickname. 

Twigs was born Tahliah Barnett. She received her childhood nickname because of the way her bones make cracking sounds when she dances. After signing to a label, she was hit with a trademark lawsuit from an unknown kid-pop band, The Twigs. She added FKA (formerly known as).

2. She was kicked out of class for asking too many questions.

At the age of 17, she dropped out of dance school in London and went to Croydon College to study philosophy and sociology. She was banned from two classes “for asking too many questions.” If this isn’t our kind of girl?

3. She was a back-up dancer.

Twigs comes from a strong professional dance background and backed singers Jessie J. and Kylie Minogue in music tours.


4. Artistry is in her blood.

Twigs grew up poor in Southwest England’s Gloucestershire with a mother and stepfather who sacrificed to pay for ballet and opera lessons. Her mother, part Spanish and English, is a former gymnast and dance teacher who would hide Twigs under the DJ booth at salsa nights and kept copies of Vogue under her bed for her to look through. Twigs stepfather is a “jazz fanatic” whose musical collection is described as “incredible.”

5. Actor Robert Pattinson is her man.

Twigs is currently in one of the most high-profile relationships in Hollywood with Twilight actor Robert Pattinson. They’re both from England and were introduced by a mutual friend.

6. She’s inspired by a broad musical sound.

At the age of 27, Twigs has been compared to Prince and Bjork. With her sound, she merges choir music, hard hip-hop inspired drums and avant-garde electronic production.


7. She read social media trolls!

Twigs has faced racism and threats on social media. She once tweeted, “I am genuinely shocked and disgusted at the amount of racism that has been infecting my account the past week. Racism is unacceptable in the real world, and it’s unacceptable online.” Damn skippy!

8. The press is already coming for her.

One journalist has asked her, “Can I hear your bones crack?” and another just flat out told her, “I hear you’re a control freak?” This means Twigs is on her way!

9. She pulled colorful scarves out of her vagina.

For a relatively new artist with one album under her belt, Twigs has quite the growing videography. She’s released 16 music videos and each one is a striking and bold visual stance of a growing, global artist. In the video “Glass and Patron,” the latest single from her forthcoming album, Twigs appears pregnant and slowly pulls colorful scarves from her vagina in the place of a baby fetus. Genius!

10. She’s working on her new album!

On the new album, EP3, the songs explore her vulnerable side with standout tracks “Glass & Patron,” “I’m Your Doll” (a song she regrets writing from a submissive point of view when she was 18), and “Mother Creep” about an apology.

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