08 Jun 2016

Hillary Clinton Clinches Democratic Nomination

The 2016 Election is heating up!

04 May 2016

Welp! Donald Trump is the Republican Nominee

Cruz is out and Trump has a real shot at the White House.

20 Apr 2016

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Win New York Primary

This puts them further head to win their party’s nomination.

15 Apr 2016

Ice Cube Comes For Donald Trump: “He’s What Americans Aspire to Be”

Cube says the presidential hopeful is just another “rich White guy”.

14 Mar 2016

Is Donald Trump’s Campaign Unraveling?

After Chicago rally was canceled, his campaign could take a downturn.

11 Mar 2016

Ben Carson Announces Endorsement of Donald Trump

The former presidential candidate also called for unity among the Republican party.