31 Oct 2016

Celebrities Really Came Through With the Costumes for Halloween

As always, our fave committed to their loves.

04 Dec 2015

Is It Really Time to Forgive Chris Brown?

The singer continues to be villified six years after the infamous incident.

06 Oct 2015

Rhianna Poses Nude for Vanity Fair and Calls Rachel Dolezal a Hero!

Rih says is it such a horrible thing that Dolezal pretended to be Black?

08 Sep 2015

Chris Brown Didn’t Show Up to Event Because Gay Men Were There, According to Report

Reports claim Brown did not show up to a Gay Pride event because he found out gay men was present, but something just doesn’t add up!

29 Aug 2015

MTV Video Music Awards: The 8 Greatest Performances Ever!

The VMAs airs this Sunday, but who can forget these show-stopping performances from MJ, Diddy and Queen Bey!

17 Apr 2015

Jamie Foxx Hilariously Sings Tinder Profiles

Imagine yourself watching ‘Kimmel’ and out of nowhere Jamie Foxx starts to sing out your Tinder profile!