28 Sep 2015

The Real Reason You Keep Stalking Your Ex Online!

Did your relationship end in a disaster? A little digital lurking may be expected.

23 Sep 2015

Now You Can Get Divorced Online and for $99!

There’s loads of apps out there for connect people, but what if you want to disconnect?

03 Sep 2015

Proof Women Don’t Want An Anaconda!

Science proves what we’ve been telling men about penis size for ages!

31 Aug 2015

Could You Live With Your Ex?

Break-ups can be disastrous but living with an ex can be unimaginable!

29 Aug 2015

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Hottest Vacation Photos Ever!

She’s used to million dollar vacations. Fuck y’all gon’ do with that?!

26 Aug 2015

People Are Doing Weed Bars At Weddings Now!

Chiefing and nuptials! What can be better?