22 Feb 2016

Study Finds Vaginal Ring Can Decrease the Risk of HIV Infection

It’s especially helpful for women who can’t access contraceptives.

14 Feb 2016

This Sex Toy is a Game Changer For Long Distance Relationships!

Forget phone sex with your standard vibrator!

08 Feb 2016

Netflix and Chill Could Be A Major Key For Your Relationship!

The streaming service brings couples together.

03 Feb 2016

We Have Our Estrogen Levels to Blame For Not Liking Another Woman

We’re our most competitive when ovulating.

02 Feb 2016

Sticking Weed in Your Vagina Probably Won’t Stop Cramps

There’s a new weed product that promises to cure cramps.

29 Jan 2016

New Sex Toy Will Help Men Last Longer!

It trains guys to not only focus on orgasms.