05 Aug 2015

Is Your Vagina Happy?

Give your kitty the boost of happy and health she so desperately deserves!

29 May 2015

Sneezing Has the Same Effect as Orgasms, Bless You!

Sneezing and orgasms are totally play cousins!

26 May 2015

Behold! The Penis Enlargement Built to Make Your Vaginal Walls Weep

Meet the bulge that makes #EggplantFriday look like #QtipTuesday!

21 May 2015

#FactsOnly: Fertility in Your 20s

Not your high school sex ed ‘birds and bees’ talk. Welcome to Sex Re-Ed 101!

20 May 2015

Not a Morning Person? It’s All Your Parent’s Fault

You can thank (or blame) your parents for you either being a ‘morning person’ or ‘night owl’ due to a new study.

23 Apr 2015

Strike a Pose, Have an Orgasm!

Studies show Yogis relieve stress in more ways than one!