16 Apr 2015

Harriet Tubman or Eleanor Roosevelt Could be the New Face of the $20 Bill!

Imagine an America with a lady boss on the $20 bill.

14 Apr 2015

Why Won’t the Senate Confirm Loretta Lynch?

President Obama announced his nomination of Loretta Lynch, current U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York, on November 8. Lynch will become the first African American female Attorney General in U.S history. But her confirmation has been dragged on by the Senate for six months. Why is the Senate

13 Apr 2015

Hillary Clinton Joins the Race for 2016

Is America ready to be run by vagina?

10 Apr 2015

From the Vault: Whitley and Dwayne ‘It’s Cold Outside’

In honor of ‘A Different World’ coming to Netflix, we had to pull one of our favorite episodes from the vault!

12 Sep 2014

Geneva S. Thomas Releases Full Statement on Taxi Incident

Jawbreaker founder and TV Personality gives statement on September 2014 taxi incident.