17 Apr 2015

Female CEO Hates on Hillary

A power woman in Dallas opposes anyone with a vagina being president.

15 Apr 2015

The Hottest Hairstyles at Coachella

Hats, bold-colored tresses, braids and hair adornments rule the Coachella park!

14 Apr 2015

Why Won’t the Senate Confirm Loretta Lynch?

President Obama announced his nomination of Loretta Lynch, current U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York, on November 8. Lynch will become the first African American female Attorney General in U.S history. But her confirmation has been dragged on by the Senate for six months. Why is the Senate

13 Apr 2015

The Truth About Mr. Good Dick

We’ve all experienced him. Now find out the real about him!

07 Apr 2015

Ignore Calls and Drink Cucumber Water at NYC’s Top 3 Spas

I’m a self-proclaimed spa junkie. When I travel, I never check out of my hotel without taking in the resident’s spa facilities. Outdoor treatments in the Caribbean, bodywraps for a snatched summer body, and mud paths for irritable back acne, the spa is where we all unwind and pretend to