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Beyonce and Jay-Z Are On Vacation in Hawaii and the Photos Are #UltimateGoals!

Beyonce just keeps proving that in every aspect of her life, she slays, without question.

Queen Bey and Jay-Z jetted out to Hawaii with Blue and are living the wanderlust life you can only dream of. She might be taking a well deserved break but she is doing it in a way that only Beyonce can.

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Only Beyonce can slay a one piece swimsuit complete with rash-guard sleeves quite like this. 357D3D9300000578-3650909-Queen_Beyonce_looked_absolutely_fantastic_in_a_colourful_one_pie-a-71_1466448585682

Then cover up even more and still give effortless beach life!


Your selfies with bae, don’t even compare…357D3E2800000578-3650909-In_focus_They_also_stopped_to_take_a_selfie_together-a-90_1466448616637

He don’t rub your shoulders under the Hawaiian sun…357D3D5F00000578-3650909-Support_system_Jay_put_his_hands_on_the_shoulders_of_Bey_as_she_-a-153_1466449248213

Follow you to the ends of the earth…

Or sip cocktails in the sand.


They take iconic pictures starring baby hair, afros, and Jackson 5 nostrils…661A2974_dvrt

Instead of grappling with the TSA they pop bottles before take off…

Beyonce makes you want to work harder and do better, even when she’s just on vacation!357FBB6B00000578-3650909-image-a-15_1466481154225


Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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