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Solange Stole the Met Gala With one Tweet

Ask yourself this: Is it really even the Met Gala if Solange hasn’t stirred up some drama?

There are few things that can top the forever infamous elevator footage of Solange giving her brother-in-law Jay Z a straight one-two tap.

In the unlikely event that you’ve forgotten what we’re talking about, here’s a reminder of what goes down when there’s a billion dollars in an elevator:

Now that you’r refreshed, let’s fast forward to this year’s Met Gala where Beyonce showed up wearing Becky’s skin and good hair and Solange floated in as a vision of yellow. The fashion at this year’s Gala wasn’t quite as jaw dropping as it’s been in past years but the drama was still plenty spicy.

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Last night, Solange fired off one last tweet before signing off and it read

“Shout out to when you think you all “artsy and shit” , but your just rude and annoying lol.”Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 1.46.25 PM

Now when Solange tweeted this, we had no context for it, so we had no choice but to assume that someone at the party last night was getting on her damned nerves, but nothing a Knowles publishes can be left alone by a combination of Black Twitter and the Beyhive.

People wanted a name. In fact, they demanded one.

Since, naturally, Solange was not about to name drop, Black twitter decided for themselves and the general consensus landed us on resident platinum blonde pop princess, Taylor Swift.

This photograph of Solange and Bey interacting with Swift that night surfaced and has been passed around the internet. Now it seems like only Black twitter is sold on Swift being the focus of the tweet while others seem skeptical.

This certainly isn’t the first time that Solange has taken to Twitter to let someone know she saw right through them, earlier this year she blasted a magazine writer for thinking his melanin deficient self was capable of commenting on and reviewing Black music.

No one has come forward with any kind of evidence that really proves it was or wasn’t Swift, but until we get otherwise we’re just going to continue to enjoy this tea. giphy (46)

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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