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Beyonce Played This Vlogger’s Video During the “Formation” World Tour and She Lost it!

Who needs a Linkedin when Beyonce knows who you are?

As far as Evelyn from the internt is concerned life is complete. The popular video blogger is known for her hilarious YouTube videos on everything from dating to Beyonce.

You most likely have already gotten your life to Evelyn’s hilarious but accurate to the T review and critique of Beyonce’s Lemonade:

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Apparently we weren’t the only ones who loved Evelyn’s video.

While one of Evelyn’s blogger boos was getting their life  at the “Formation World Tour, Evelyn made a cameo that she never expected.

Beyonce featured a clip of Evelyn’s bomb youtube video on the enormous jumbotron screen and filled the stadium with Evelyn’s hilarity.

Watch Evelyn (and her blogger boos) respond to not only being noticed by Beyonce but basically being promoted by her too!

Is there any endorsement better than Beyonce? Ask Red Lobster!

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

Ariel is the Associate Editor of Jawbreaker and creator of Revolutionary In Pink Pumps blog. She is equally obsessed with social justice, lipstick, culture, and red wine.