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Meet the Artists Signed to Beyonce’s Record Label!

Beyonce does it all. Along with being a wife and mother, she’s a singer, songwriter, actress and now head of her own record label, Parkwood Entertainment.

Accompanying her feature in ELLE, we are introduced to the three acts hand-picked by Queen Bey herself. Talk about pressure!

“The music industry is dominated by men,” said Beyonce. “And these labels go out and try to make carbon copies of whoever is successful at that moment. I’m over that.”

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The first act is sister-duo, Chloe X Halle. It all started for them in 2013 on YouTube when they uploaded a video of their a cappella version of Beyonce’s “Pretty Hurts.” After the video went viral, “the next thing we knew,” said Halle, 16, “we got an e-mail from Parkwood asking if we were signed.”

Meet the Artists Signed to Beyonce's Record Label! - Jawbreaker

“We freaked out! We wrote back and told them to call our dad,” said Chloe,17.

That cover garnered 11 million views and the Atlanta natives are now based in Los Angeles.

“Beyoncé calls us her ‘angelic aliens,'” said Chloe.

Rapper and singer, Ingrid, actually grew up near Beyonce in the suburbs of Houston. “Our mothers were great friends,” said Ingrid.

“So our relationship is very personal, but I never expected anything from it.”

Meet the Artists Signed to Beyonce's Record Label! - Jawbreaker

Ingrid has four mixtapes under her belt and opened for artists such as Drake and J. Cole before they became huge stars.  To continue with her career, she moved from Houston to Brooklyn. She was broke and selling paintings to get by, until Beyonce invited her to the Hamptons to work on her 2013 self-titled album.

“When Beyoncé asks you to take a stab at a song for her, you do it,” said Ingrid. “And I took a pretty big stab. My presence definitely inspired the gold grillz, the ‘bow down’—the overt H-Town shit that embraced her roots in Houston.”

Beyonce was so impressed, she signed Ingrid to Parkwood.

Sophie Beem is a 16-year-old New York native from the Upper East Side. She was discovered in 2013 at the historic club, The Bitter End by the former general manager of Parkwood, Lee Anne Callahan.

Meet the Artists Signed to Beyonce's Record Label! - Jawbreaker

After Beem’s videos, photos, music and a letter Beem had written, were hand-delivered to Beyonce while she was on tour, “Within a week, I got the call that they wanted to sign me as one of their first artists,” said Beem.

“I was in my room on my bed. I just burst into tears.”

Beem’s music is described as urban pop with beats reminiscent of Rihanna and Ke$ha.


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