Stop everything and we mean absolutely everything you’re currently doing. Nothing else in your life matters anymore because Beyoncé has dropped Lemonade on us with no regard.

Not only does this mark the Queen’s 6th studio album. It’s also potentially the most intentional Black southern, trans-African, spiritual, and magical piece of art she’s or well, anyone has blessed us with in recent memory.

Lemonade is a 13 track visual album that dropped on Tidal just after her HBO documentary video premiere exclusive which gave an in depth look at the wonder behind a Queen Bey masterpiece.

Boombastic vocals seemed a divorce was looming. On the track, “Don’t Hurt Yourself”, Beyonce warns, “If you try this shit again, you gon’ lose your wife”, and she carelessly throws a wedding ring to the camera.

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But surely it couldn’t have really been the 18-carat Lorraine Schwartz stunner because by the time we came to the conclusion of the 52-minute masterful visual event, Jay-Z appears in a moving scene shocking for the incredibly private powerhouse couple.

The sudden death of Prince somehow feels a little less painful and hopeless with the seemingly unlikely and gradual evolution of Beyonce from a former Destiny’s Child strutting sexy kitten to a powerful and strikingly Black female icon.

The album is available exclusively on Tidal. Watch a round-up of the best moments now!




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