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Cheating Rumors put Kehlani in the Hospital After an Apparant Suicide Attempt

The Internet went into slut shaming overload Monday after a picture of singer Kehlani supposedly booed up in bed with ex PartyNextDoor, popped up on his Instagram.

Obviously since she is in a “deeply committed relationship” with Cleveland Cavaliers point gaurd Kyrie Irving, she had to have been cheating and the Internet couldn’t wait to blow up her spot. Especially the Ayeesha Curry loving, “girls don’t respect a good man”, Twitter gangstas’.

All the shaming and negativity prompted Kehlani to delete her Instagram account. Then early this morning her account resurfaced with a photo of her hooked up to an IV with a caption that explained that she tried to take her life.


Kehlani also pointed out the blogs accusing her of cheating were wrong and she’s greatful that God spared her even when she didn’t want to “see tommorrow.”

Then she posted a caption breaking down the fact when she broke up with PartyNextDoor, Kyrie was a friend and shoulder to cry on who turned into something more, but ultimately they agreed to just remain friends and she got back with PartyNextDoor.  

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She deleted her Instagram shortly after, but not before thanking PartyNextDoor for apparently saving her life when she was at her lowest, posting apicture of her sleeping next to her hospital bed. 


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When Kehlani first got together with Kyrie Irving she posted an Instagram photo that explained how low and lost she was before she found him. screen-shot-2016-03-28-at-3-45-39-pm

So it’s almost not surprising that all of that negative energy could affect her so badly.

At the end of the day we’re glad Kehlani is alive and getting the help she needs.

Take a lesson from Kehlani and don’t make any one person the reason for your happiness, and definitely don’t let social media control or ruin your life.


Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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