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All the Tea From the ‘Empire’ Season Two Mid-season Premiere!

The end of March has blessed us with the spring premier of season 2 of “Empire” and thank the Lord it didn’t disappoint. After waiting a few months we finally have answers to so many questions we were left with, but the catch is now we have about a million more questions.

Get the details on all the tea spilled in Wednesday night’s premiere and what’s to come!

Rhonda Survived But…

rhonda cell phone

I have never cared so much about what happened to Rhonda. I was staunchly team “I want to see the receipts”, because I swore up and down that her pregnancy was fake. But when she tumbled down those stairs and the blood started flowing I was right there praying with her.

Even though Rhonda begged God to let her die a thousand times before he took her baby, she was spared. She did however lose the baby and Andre’s reaction was worth a Golden Globe all on it’s own.

In addition to the baby Rhonda also lost her faith in God which only crushed Andre even more.

Boo Boo Kitty does her dirty work in red bottoms…

boo boo kitty red bottoms

Let’s just take a minute to recall that Boo Boo Kitty is determined to be fabulous at every messed up juncture in her life.

Rhonda can’t seem to recall being pushed or anyone else in the house, but we do get her blurry point of view watching a pair of red bottomed flats slinking out the front door.

Also bonus points to Rhonda for throwing her cell phone to set off the house alarm, but in a house that big with a pregnant wife Andre needed to hire some staff.

Cookie was waitin’ for Hakeem at the door…

hakeem broom

As soon as Hakeem stabbed his entire family in the back by voting against them, Queen Cookie was on the case.

She beat Hakeem home and when he came in the door and flicked on the lights… chile. Hakeem must have damn well peed himself when he saw Cookie sitting there with the broom in her lap.

She attempted to beat some sense into Hakeem to convince him to take back his vote, but to no avail. At least we got to see the broom come back in season 2.

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Jamal said I’m gonna love who I want…

jamal dance scene

Ever since the news of Jamal and Skye hooking up got out it’s been messing with his carefully curated LGBT fan base.

Marketing exec Jameson Henthrop warned Jamal his standing as an icon in the gay community was on the line and Cookie encouraged him to “get his gay back” before he ruined his career. It seems like Jamal is set on loving men but he’s not going to act like he wasn’t down for Skye.

So in a 90’s homage sort of performance he bust out a song that reminded everyone that he had the freedom to love whoever the hell he wanted, and dared anyone to say something about it.

Camilla is still a mess…

hakeem camilla

After marrying Mimi and converting Hakeem, you would think Ms. Camilla would slow down for just a bit, but that’s definitely not the case.

She took her place running Empire and offered Hakeem a seat as the CEO, but only if he would leave foolish (Laura), who she refers to as the Mexican.

It seems like Camilla is still pretty obsessed with Hakeem despite being married to Mimi.

It’s not Empire without Cookie..

family business empire

Cookie and Jamal strong armed Camille and Hakeem into letting them back in by threatening to leak Jamal’s album.

The threat worked because in some twisted from of alliance Cookie is back in Empire as the head of A&R

Hakeem’s little girlfriend gave it up…

hakeem mexican girl

Can we talk about foolish for a minute? That’s what I’m going to call her, foolish, because her name isn’t even relevant anymore.

Hakeem got that little girl right where he wanted her and even after throwing the most epic drunk tantrum ever managed to swipe her V-card.

I had high hopes for little foolish, when she bit back at Jamal’s little tantrum and called him a bitch, but good thing I didn’t hold my breath since she didn’t hold her legs closed too long.

Lucious is here for blood…


Just when you thought the family dynamic couldn’t get any crazier, we find Lucious and Hakeem meeting in the late hours of the night on the same bank where Lucious killed Bunky.

He explained to Hakeem that he killed his best friend in cold blood because he threatened to stand in the way of the success of Empire and Lucious just wasn’t having it.

So he told Hakeem that if he really wanted to take Empire he would have to kill him right then and there, then proceeded to hand him a gun.

What really made me scream was that Hakeem didn’t seem to hesitate to point the gun straight at his father’s head! But Lucioius knew what he was doing since Hakeem refused to do anything he said and dropped the gun.

The war has officially begun and the casualties will be real!

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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