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Model Shaun Ross Bared It All And The Internet Lost It

Shaun Ross is well known as the albino masterpiece of a model whose made appearances in music videos for some of our favorite artists including Beyonce. He’s broken barriers as a high end albino supermodel, with a seemingly sweet disposition. giphy (22)

But today the only thing he broke was the internet.

Ross appeared in the new Braves music video “Dust”, where for about 3 minutes he walks slowly out of the ocean but in the last 30 seconds all of him makes it out of the water and we get a peak at his junk.

Click on the photo below and brace yourself because this is most definitely not safe for work; it may not even be safe for home!Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 5.35.24 PM

Sis! There are no words, just reactions:Model Shaun Ross Bared It All And The Internet Lost It - Jawbreaker


TMZ reported that the third arm Ross is sporting is just a prosthetic created by an artist. Apparently the director was going for shock value with the video and damn if they didn’t hit the nail on the head!

Ross took to Instagram to clarify all the questions he was receiving about his manhood in a very classy manner.

While we’re all focused on this elephant trunk Shaun appears to be sporting, Ross is focused on his new project #InMySkin. He’s definitely using his visibility as a supermodel to help uplift everyone.

Even if he doesn’t have a huge member he seems to have a pretty good heart and we can’t even be mad at that!

Check out the video and see that third leg in action!

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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