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Gifs For When Your Ex Hits You With “I Miss You”

There’s no worse feeling than being at a good place in your life, happy, with things going your way, only for your ex to pop up with some bull.

They never seem to pop up at a good time, because really there isn’t a good time for an ex to appear. When they do try to find their way back into your lives, they come with every excuse in the book.

So we pulled together some gifs that perfectly capture how over  them you are and get the message to go away across loud and clear.

When they want to reminiscence about the future you planned together…

giphy (83)
Nah chill.

When they ask if you miss them…giphy (84)

Sure… like a hangnail.

When they ask what you’re up to..

giphy (89)

No one’s home. 

When they “just want to catch up”…giphy (85)

Not today Satan…

When they start liking your old Instagram pictures…

giphy (87)

Block hand strong! 

When they start sending you screenshots of old texts…

giphy (93)


When they try to find out who you’re dating now…

giphy (90)

Ha! You really tried it though!

When they want to know if there’s any chance of you two getting back together…

giphy (92)

Clear, classic, and to the point!

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

Ariel is the Associate Editor of Jawbreaker and creator of Revolutionary In Pink Pumps blog. She is equally obsessed with social justice, lipstick, culture, and red wine.