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American Girl is Releasing a Black Doll From the Civil Rights era

It’s time to embrace your inner 10-year old because one of the biggest doll companies in America has just announced some awesome news!

The American Girl Doll company has announced that it will be releasing another African American doll in the Be Forever historical series making it the third African American doll in the franchise.

Melody Ellison is a 9-year-old girl growing up in Detroit during the Civil Rights Era. According to the report from American Girl, Melody loves to sing and uses her voice to help impact the important moment in American history. The doll’s featured accessories include a recording studio and lots of references to Motown.

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To make sure that Melody was as realistic and historically accurate as possible the company formed a panel advisory board made up of historians and educators which included late civil rights icon, Julian Bond.

When I was a little girl there was only one Black American Girl Doll, Addy, an escaped slave who only had 1 page worth of accessories in the catalog and really just barely qualified as Black based on her skin tone.

Having more dolls of color in the collection reflects how much media has grown in representation over the years and proves that Black girl magic is really pushing through hard!

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Like all American Girl Dolls, Melody doesn’t come cheap. The doll alone costs $115 and when you throw in all of her accessories you’e coming close to dropping a grand, but knowing that there’s a Black doll on the market being sold for that much is actually kind of refreshing.

I’d definitely rather spend that money on a doll that looks like me rather than Kit Kittredge.

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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