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The Complete List of Barbara Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating People of 2015!

Once again, the end of the year brings lists of the top moments and celebrities who had us talking the most over the past 12 months. A staple this time of year is Barbara Walters‘ annual TV special, “The 10 Most Fascinating People.”

Similar to the Google list released earlier this week, the celebrities’ featured in Walters’ special are of no surprise and there are a few we would say are most worthy for the acknowledgment. You can catch “The 10 Most Fascinating People” tonight on ABC at 9 PM.

Actress and comedienne Amy Schumer comes in at number 10. 2015 was Schumer’s breakout year starring in the romantic comedy, Trainwreck, which featured a cameo appearance by Lebron James. Schumer is also not shy when it comes to body image issues, telling Walters, “I’m not a model, and I don’t feel apologetic about that. I feel good naked…I feel like when I take my clothes off saying, ‘You’re welcome.'”

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Number nine is Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump. When Walters asks him if he’s a bigot based on the controversial things he’s said throughout his campaign, Trump responds with, “Probably the least of all you’ve ever met. He also gives his thoughts on gun control, referring to the San Bernardino, Calif. shooting, saying, “If you look at California, no one had guns except the bad people. If you had people like me in that room…I guarantee, we’re going down shooting.”

Comedian Tracy Morgan made 2015 his comeback year after suffering from a serious car accident in June 2014. He’s number eight on Walters’ list. Morgan made his official return to comedy when he hosted “Saturday Night Live” a few months ago, but he says his lowest point was not being able to attend the show’s 40th anniversary special.

” “Sitting home…when I wasn’t at the 40th anniversary [of “Saturday Night Live”] and I knew I couldn’t be there. I wasn’t ready.”

But when he returned to host the show that launched his comedy career, everything just felt right.

“When I came out on “SNL” that night, when I came out on the stage…it was like ‘Yes.'”

Trailblazing ballerina Misty Copeland ranks number seven. In case you didn’t know, she’s the American Ballet Theatre’s first African American principal dancer. During her sit-down with Walters, Copeland gave a pretty much perfect answer to the critics who dislike her body type.

“I think it’s something that people say when they don’t want to say you have the wrong skin color for ballet.”

Copeland is proud of the barriers she’s breaking in the ballet industry. She told Walters, “”I think that for a very long time, people put African American dancers in a box that they weren’t capable of doing classical ballet. “They just didn’t fit the mold, and I think that I have changed that perception for a lot of people.”

Mixed martial arts fighter, Ronda Rousey, was riding high for the better part of 2015, but November’s loss to Holly Holm, was her first.

Coming in at number six, she tells Walters, “All of the best things in my life have happened as a direct result of the worst things that have ever happened.”

Unfortunately, Rousey is one of those female athletes who gets criticized for her body type as well, but clearly, she’s not one to back down.

“Just because my body was developed for a purpose doesn’t mean it’s masculine…my body is badass as f—k…because I’m not a do-nothing bitch.”

Number five is American fashion icon, Donna Karan. What made 2015 monumental for Karan was she decided to step down from her namesake fashion brand.

“Right now, I’m looking at the next phase, but I’m also looking at myself and what do I want,” she told Walters.

Karan is the first designer to ever on appear on the list in its 23-year history.

Another presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, is number four. “I woke up one day and said we need a political revolution,” said Sanders on why he decided to run for President.

“We need to demand that the government represents all of us, not just the wealthiest in this country.”

Sanders is the complete opposite of Trump when it comes to dealing with immigration and Muslims in America.

“I’m very concerned that people are taking out their anger against fellow Americans who happen to be Muslim,” said Sanders.

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon.com and owner of The Washington Post, is number three. He’s all about “figuring out how to give us what we want” when we want it.

Bradley Cooper is number two who has become a household name starring in major films over the past few years.

He admits to Walters he’s “obsessive” and made a choice in his late twenties to stop drinking.

“I would never be sitting here with you because I would have never been able to have access to myself.”

Coming in at number one is should be no surprise. It’s Caitlyn Jenner. Jenner was everywhere in 2015, from reality TV to the pages of fashion magazines.

Walters says of Jenner,  “Famous and familiar, she raised awareness and acceptance of transgender people.”

“Through her own transformation, Caitlyn Jenner transformed society this year—and that for us makes her the most fascinating person of 2015.”

What do you think of Walters’ list?

Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

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