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Rachel Dolezal Finally Admits She’s White!

The story of Rachel Dolezal is one that just won’t end. Her story went viral this summer as the former president of the NAACP Spokane, Wash. chapter, was outed by her White parents as a White woman.

Dolezal, who was a professor of African American studies, had been living her life as a Black woman, and even had a Black man pose as her father.

Dolezal recently made an appearance on the FOX daytime talk show, “The Real,” where she admitted to being “biologically born White.”

Co-host, Jeannie Mai, asked Dolezal, “You weren’t born Black, so when you say you are Black, it makes it hard for people to understand where you’re coming from.”

“Right,” Dolezal responded. “And that’s why I said, I acknowledge I was biologically born White, to White parents, but I identify as Black.”

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This was the first time Dolezal admitted that in public.

As the interview went on, Dolezal revealed how she identifies as Black in her daily life.

“I check White and Black [on forms], because we all have human origins in the continent of Africa,” she said. “The police mark Black on my traffic tickets.”

This is where co-host Loni Love challenged Dolezal telling her she couldn’t identify with the struggles Black people face on a daily basis.

“I’m black. I can’t be you. I can’t reverse myself,” said Love. “Let me tell you, Rachel, if the police stop me…you can throw that off and show that little light, nice, fine hair up under [your weave]. You might get away. I may not, I may not even make it in the jail.”

The interview aired on “The Real” today. Check out a clip from Dolezal’s appearance.



Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

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