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Lira Mercer Left Rick Ross But Kept The Ring!

Could the way a man pop the question affect how long a relationship will last?

Ask Rick Ross, since he and model Lira Mercer are now officially done!

The couple made it a whopping two months of engagement before Ross called the whole thing off this past weekend according to reports. Sources say the two had a major blowout, but what it was about is still unclear.

Maybe Mercer was feeling salty about her less than storybook proposal, which happened only a few months after the two began dating.

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While they were jewelry shopping in New York this past September, Ross reportedly stopped in a store and said, “There go the biggest ring in the store, ya dig? Now let’s go to Buddakan.”

Ross’ unimaginative, non-romantic proposal came with a giant 11 carat, $350k ring, which Mercer was happily flashing on every social media outlet, every chance she got.

Even though she moved all of her things out of Ross’s Georgia mansion, the young model held onto that rock, and has been spotted on social media still rocking it as of Monday.

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Some sites are reporting rumors that Mercer was caught in bed cheating on Ross with another rapper. Others are alleging Mercer’s history of infatuation with rappers is catching up to her, as old tweets of her lusting after rappers like Wale and pictures of her sitting on Meek Mill’s lap surfaced.

Whatever the case may be, it seems like she won’t being marrying the Bawse after all.

But let’s keep it funky, Ross has a new album to promote. Black Market comes out in December. All of these engagement and break-up rumors could be buzz to secure Ross at spot at the top of the charts!

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