These Apps Will Track Your Vagina’s Activity!

Thanks to technology, we can track everything, so we shouldn’t be too surprised there are now activity trackers for our the kitty!

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Known for their innovative sex toys, OhMiBod is also known for their remote-controlled toys and vibrators that can sync to your playlist. They are now introducing their app, “Oh-Dometer.” It works with an OhMiBod sex toy to log orgasms, set weekly orgasm goals and view your orgasms over time.

Instant orgasm notifications can be sent to your phone. Now, you and your partner never have to wonder.

You can even send a message to your partner with the orgasm notification.

The wearable bluetooth retails for $129 and we are soooo here for this!


The next vagina activity tracker is the Elvie, It’s more of a Kegel exerciser to help strengthen the muscles of your pelvic area. Users can place the tracker inside of your vagina and open the phone app. You then select a five-minute video game-like workout that you control with your internal muscles.

The app tracks your performance and provides feedback about your muscle strength.

Elvie was created by a tech company run by women and retails for $199.





Which of these vagina activity trackers are you loving? Sound off!

Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

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