New Invite-Only Dating App Promises No Fakes or Randoms!

As dating apps gain in popularity, niche markets for the online way of finding love are getting smaller by the day! There’s dating apps for Black professional singles and an app for people with sexually transmitted diseases.

The newest dating app on the scene is The League, founded by Stanford University graduate Amanda Bradford. The League caters to the elite of people out there seeking love.

To make sure the app stays clear of randoms and to keep their “community well-balanced and high-quality,” The League has an advanced screening algorithm to ensure that they continue to top the leaderboard of the most popular dating apps.


Based on LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, users are invited through a private list to access the app. Many of the people on The League’s waiting list are in finance and advertising.

A visit to The League’s website, you’ll see that their slogan is “Date. Intelligently.”

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They also give reasons why the smart, busy and ambitious should download their app because they “keep it classy” by hiding profiles from family, friends, coworkers, etc.

The company says Users deserve to spend their time “intelligently,” time is valuable so they do the scouting based on preferences and they also heavily vet potential users through social media by showing bios up front.

The League launched in San Francisco in January of this year and the company moved to New York in May. Bradford was able to raise 2.1 million from Silicon Valley investors.

“We want people to think of The League as a little more grown up and tasteful, for young professionals who want to go out for coffee or a drink and aren’t just hooking up…,” said Bradford to Business Insider.

“We want our users to say, ‘Hey, we trust your judgment,'” Bradford says. ” These people are going after their dreams. They’re just interesting, ambitious, and doing something they’re excited about.”

The League’s requirements for membership might come across exclusionary for a lot of people, but there’s market for what their selling.

Women want men on their level when it comes to background, education and career, and they don’t want fakes who can easily lie about where they work or how much money they make after taxes in a basic bio.

The League is offering receipts and we’re here for it!

Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

Brittney is the Associate Editor of Jawbreaker and a writer who has goals to disrupt culture in ways unseen.