Legendary luxury shoe brand Christian Louboutin is a staple in the fashion industry among style addicts and the who’s who of the entertainment world.

And now the red-bottomed giant is heading face-forward into beauty business on the heels of the brand’s addictive nail polish collection, with a bulleted lipstick line made for fashionable smooching proving shoes and makeup junkies are one in the same!


The Louboutin lipstick line, which debuts in September, features 36 shades in three textures: Silky Satin, Velvet Matte and Sheer Voile, which are of course inspired by the designer’s shoes and handbags.

The Silky Satin collection has 20 shades that are medium to full coverage with a satin finish and shine. Nine colors are in Velvet Matte and highly pigmented with a soft matte finish. Sheer Voile also has nine shades with a sheer finish which alternatively offers a “luminous shine.”

Each color collection features a signature Rouge Louboutin shade as one of its offerings and will be packaged in a super luxe black lacquer case.

Just like the heels, the lipsticks are works of art whose tube designs drew inspiration from Babylonian architecture, Art Deco and Middle Eastern antiquities, true to Louboutin’s Moroccan roots!

“This precious object will be coveted by others,” said Louboutin of the lipstick.

“Suggesting a purse full of rare and precious stones that could have been discovered in Ali Baba’s cave, it will arouse lust and desire…and is made to be stolen.”

Hopefully, you won’t just throw this lipstick in an overcrowded old makeup bag, because for a $90 price tag at Saks, that would be a travesty!

Louboutin also says about his new lipstick line: “After the eyes, lips represent the most expressive element of the face. And there’s the fetish appeal, because lipstick can transform a face from intense to naive or even dangerous. When a woman carries a handbag, we look at her shoulders. When she slips on a pair of heels, we observe her walk. If she applies lacquer to her nails, we admire her hands. With its slow, circular application, lip makeup becomes a rich and sensual gesture.”

Ooh Louboutin has a way with words!

Red-bottom lovers, will you be purchasing Louboutin rouge? Sound off!



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