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Woman Sues 2 Chainz for 5 Million for Calling her a Thot on Camera

2 Chainz may be down to one chain after a woman he publicly disrespected comes for his pockets.

According to reports, the rapper is being sued by Christine Chisholm for $5 million after a clip went viral of 2 Chainz calling her a thot on camera for the world to see.

In 2014, Chisholm was invited backstage after 2 Chainz’s show and Tity Boi began calling her a thot several times throughout the video.

Although it appears Chainz was playing around, Chisholm was clearly humiliated by ongoing online harassment, which led to her losing her job at a barber shop because her supervisor didn’t want the negative publicity.

For the sake of her reputation and obvious damages, Chisholm wants major payback!

Here’s the video of 2 Chainz being an ass on camera. Ladies, going backstage ain’t worth it sometimes. What do you think about the lawsuit? Sound off! 



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