Chuck D. Capes for Bill Cosby, Calls Marvin Gaye a Pedophile

Outspoken Public Enemy front man Chuck D is caping for Bill Cosby, Jill Scott-style—well before Scott ate her words after Cosby’s admission of purchasing Quaaludes with an intent to give the drugs to women for sex.

But the admission made public by the Associated Press has Chuck D unbothered. The hip hop icon compared Cosby criticism to Nazi book burnings and even called out Marvin Gaye’s abusive past.

In a series of tweets sent early Sunday morning, the 54-year-old rapper/activist called the public outcry facing Cosby character assassination.

Chuck D. brought up soul icon Marvin Gaye’s torrid history with drugs and sex. “Question do some of yall start [sic] stop listening to Marvin Gaye records because of drug addition? Attempted murder? Wife abuse? Pedophilia?”

Gaye’s past is no secret to baby boomers, but perhaps the legions of milennial Twitter users who grew up watching “The Cosby Show” in syndication aren’t familiar with Gaye’s past.

Marvin Gaye’s widow Jan Gaye, recently released a memoir offering details of her own experiences with Gaye’s “kinky and sometimes perverted sex.”

The wife of the legendary singer states in the memoir After the Dance: My Life with Marvin Gaye, she went along with it to keep her husband happy. “No need to be uptight,” Gaye once told his ex-wife. “If it feels good, that means it’s good.”

Jan was 17-years-old when she started seeing Gaye. He was 34. 

The rapper clarified he wasn’t defending Cosby but called out how Phil Spector, a white celebrated music producer, still receives recognition despite his murder conviction.

No way Im defending Cosby.But this wiping history out wit a swoop is akin to Nazi book burning.Context is everything.PhilSpector still plays

— Chuck D (@MrChuckD) July 12, 2015

Do you think Chuck D has a point about Bill Cosby or are his tweets insulting to the victims of Cosby alleged sexual assault?

Geneva S. Thomas

Geneva S. Thomas

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