Paris Survey Finds 100 Percent of Women Are Harassed on Subway

A disturbing survey of 600 Parisian women between two suburbs reveals they all were sexually harassed on the subway. Welp! At least it’s not only in New York. High Council for Equality Between Men and Women conducted the survey and due to the shocking results, they’re strongly urging the government to crack down weirdo horny idiots. Last week, the results were sent to Marisol Touraine, Health Minister of France. She told French channel iTV the report was “high quality” and the government will take action in coming weeks.

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While gender-based sexual harassment on public transit is a common issue in many major cities across the globe, it’s rare to have the results of a survey affect 100 percent of subjects. The Council defined “gender harassment” as “the imposition of any kind of words of behaviour that are intended to created a situation that is intimidating, humiliating, degrading, or offensive,” adding these kind of actions aren’t usually physical and hence aren’t punishable by law. However, due to the results of this survey—which prove the actions were indeed physical, the perpetrators can serve five years in prison and a be fined €75,000 if found guilty.

Pepe LePue don’t have nothin’ on these pathetic Parisian perpetrators!



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