Geneva S. Thomas Releases Full Statement on Taxi Incident

Via her publicist, Geneva told her wrongful arrest stemmed from an unfair cab fare:

On September 9, 2014, Geneva S. Thomas was involved in a dispute with a New York Yellow Taxi Cab Driver. Upon entering the vehicle, Geneva informed the driver of her desire to pay via credit card for services rendered and that she did not have cash. The driver became threatening and hostile following a line of question as he attempted to deviate from the planned route as a method to unfairly increase the fare.

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The driver became defensive and tried to force Geneva out of the vehicle in a highly trafficked area. Geneva placed two calls to 911 to diffuse the disagreement—once while she was in the cab and secondly upon arrival at her final destination. Geneva values the time and services of others, and was fully prepared to pay the agreed rate of $15.00.

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